Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers talks with Rick Austin

This week learn from Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers- Scott is The Nat Geo Doomsday Preppers consultant, that rates the preps featured in each episode of Doomsday Preppers. He is also an engineering genius and consultant that creates all kinds of gadgets and solutions for those of us that are homesteading and prepping. Listen to this show and learn why his engineering skills are in such demand for people who are building prepper retreats and homesteads. Find out the ins and outs of: Water delivery systems; Ram Pumps, Solar Submersible and Surface pumps, River Pump, Spiral, Simple Pump hand pumps, filtration. Energy Alternatives: Hybrid Battery Backup systems that include, solar, generators, hydro, wind. And Sustainable Retreat System Design: Hot water, Heating ( Wood stoves – including outside wood heaters), cooking, canning, Sanitation, Food, Medical, Security, etc.

Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers

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Tara Dodrill Interview by Rick Austin

In this episode, Rick interviews Tara Dodrill, who offers analysis of current events from a Libertarian point of view. She is a staunch supporter of both the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Dodrill is also an off-grid enthusiast who frequently writes about natural health remedies and ecotourism. Her previous credits include Yahoo News, USA Today, The Inquisitr, and a stint as a local newspaper editor.

Tara Dodrill

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Rick Austin Interview with Donna Miller

Rick Austin interviews Donna Miller of Miller’s Grain House. Donna hosts three radio shows: “Surviving on Shoestrings” on The Survival Mom Radio Network, “Your Preparation Station” here on the Preparedness Radio Network and “Encouragement in the Kitchen” on Blogtalk Radio. Along with her husband Joe, they organized the WNC Preparedness Group in Asheville, NC.She is an Adjunct Instructor for Frontier Christian University, as well as a teacher, author, sought-after speaker and trainer. The Millers own & operate Millers Grain House, the Always Ready Store and are the founders of PREPARE Magazine.

Rick Austin interview with Donna Miller

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Rick Austin Interviewed by Doctor Prepper™

Rick Austin talks with Doctor Prepper about creating a “Secret Garden of Survival”, the key to your very own food-forest! Rick Austin is a long time survival expert and has been using sustainable living and home building practices for 30 years. He is a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert and has been a guest speaker to architectural, agricultural, sustainable building, and survival preparedness conferences. His presentations contain real life examples, photos, and anecdotes. Rick is both informative, and entertaining. In his new show Secrets of a Survivalist on the Preparedness Radio Network, Rick talks with the best off-grid and survival experts, to discuss their own secrets of survival. From retreat construction, to self defense, to growing food, each week you will learn something new that you can use for your own survival preparedness.

James Talmage Stevens