The Survival Mindset- Joshua Swanagon

Our good friends Karen Hood & Joshua Swanagon from & Survival Quarterly Magazine have recorded an audio article for our listeners. Joshua wrote the article and recorded the audio himself. Joshua has Law Enforcement experience and also instructs at

Take a listen…this is great stuff!

Rabbits: Prepper’s Paydirt

 Sylvia Britton talks to Nick Klein about raising rabbits for meat. Find out what you will need to raise rabbits, what diseases are common to rabbits, how to protect rabbits from extremes in heat and cold, how rabbit meat compares to beef in protein and production cost and Nick debunks some common myths about rabbit meat. An information packed show!

Interview with Author Patricia Lacoss-Arnold

Join Vickilynn and her guest, Patricia Lacoss-Arnold of Loving Our  Patty, is the author of the book, Broth -Elixir of Life and she has graciously donated one of her books to give away to one of our listeners! Check out her book.

Tune into this episode of Get Real – Get Prepared to hear Patty’s amazing healing results using the G.A.P.S diet for her family and how to get your free copy of her book!

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Nutrition For Health During Disasters

Host of the show Self-Reliant Living, Jim Phillips interviews Dr. Bohman about the importance of nutrition in emergent situations. Dr. Bohman shares the simplicity of basic principles such as the importance of chewing food properly.

Chewing properly:

  • begins the digestive process immediately within the mouth,
  • enhances the body’s ability to acquire nutrients,
  • improves the body’s food processing time,
  • prevents gastric distress,
  • and much more!

Nut Butter Sourdough Cookies – Gnowfglins

Our friend Wardeh Harmon from has a delicious recipe that we had to share! Here’s an excerpt of the basic steps:

I must admit, when I stumble upon something quick and simple and oh-so-now like these nut butter sourdough cookies? Bliss! In less than a half an hour I can have a tasty cookie available for all to enjoy. And since I tend to add as little sweetener to my sweets as possible (in fact, one variety uses no sugar at all!), I happily serve these up for quick breakfasts, snacks on the go, celebrations, before bed tummy fillers, and power foods on the trail.

  1. Preheat Oven & Prepare Cookie Sheet
  2. Combine & Mix Ingredients
  3. Roll Mixture onto Cookie Sheet & Bake
  4. Cool off & Serve!

Click the image below or HERE to see these delicious recipes!

Gnowfglins Nut Butter Sourdough Cookies




Rick Austin Interviews Producer and Director Rob Underhill

This week we talk with Rob Underhill, the producer and director of the film the Carrington Event, dealing with a family that has to survive the aftermath of a solar flare which takes down the country’s power grid where everyone immediately loses power, the internet, and all electronic devices. The show illustrates how quickly civilized society unravels, and what this, or any family must do to survive. Listen and learn about solar flares, electro-magnetic pulse, how fragile our electric grid actually is, and the “Shield Act” legislation, that would protect our grid, which congress has still not passed. Learn the skills needed to protect your family and to survive a catastrophic power outage that could last for years. Watch the Trailer HERE.

The Carrington Event, Producer & Director Rob Underhill

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Hostile Hare’s Nick Klein talks with Rick Austin

Listen to Nick Klein of Hostile Hare, on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show. This week, learn how rabbits are the ultimate prepper food source. Find out how 1 female rabbit can create 64 “kits” or about 200 lbs of meat for you and your family per year! And, unlike raising larger animals, you don’t have to preserve rabbit meat because you only need to slaughter what you can eat at any one time! Did you know that the same amount of feed can raise either one lb of beef, or raise 6 lbs of rabbit meat? Find out how rabbit pellets can be used as fuel for gasification. Find out how 25 lbs of barley seeds can create 400 lbs of feed for your rabbits in just 7 days! Find out why it costs $1.35/lb for chicken meat, as opposed to $0.78/lb for rabbit! You can even find out how to dig a hole in the ground to get free off-the-grid air conditioning!

Hostile Hare with Nick Klein

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Rick Austin Interviews Author Richard Duarte

This week our guest is Richard Duarte; author of Surviving Doomsday – A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster. Richard was “enlightened” to the need of being self- reliant the day he stepped out of his home after Hurricane Andrew, only to find his furniture and most of his home were blown two blocks away. Richard teaches prepping and survival in an urban environment, and how urban survival, is very different from suburban or rural survival. Listen to the show and find out how to hide in plain sight during civil unrest, how to protect yourself, your family and your assets, when disaster happens in the city. Find out why you need to know this, even if you don’t live in a city. Find how to take control and how to stop living in fear of an urban threat. Find out the mindset, knowledge and skills needed, that will allow you to survive, even if your home and all your worldly possessions (including all your food storage, and supplies) have been wiped off the face of the planet.

Richard Duarte Interview with Rick Austin

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