SurvivalBlog’s James Wesley Rawles Talks with Rick Austin

James Wesley, Rawles author of the famous prepper novel Patriots and editor of talks about the three most likely disasters to face America, relocating to lightly-populated regions, why he writes novels instead of survival manuals, the power grids and what would life be like without them, the highest priority for family preparedness, why it is important to have food storage and a garden for self-sufficiency, what we need to have on hand for family sanitation, what is well-balanced preparedness, whether the threats of EMP and solar flares are exaggerated by the media and what are some the things that are most often overlooked by preppers. And hear about his new book Expatriates- and how it is different from any book he has written before.

James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog

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Doomsday Castle’s Brent Sr. Interviews with Rick Austin

Listen to Brent Sr. of Doomsday Castle, in what Brent calls, the most detailed interview he has ever been given. Join us as we discuss what motivated him to become a prepper, where he got the idea to build a castle, and how the National Geographic series came about. Find out about Brent’s faith and belief system, and why he thinks Dads need to take care of their families. Find out about his new website that helps people at all levels of preparedness with expert advice, and time lines for prepping. Listen as Brent discusses what he knows about government stockpiling and government installations, and why the barbed wire is facing inward.

Brent, Sr. of Nat Geo's Doomsday Castle

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Rick Austin Interviews Jennifer Elswick of Thrive Food Storage

Storage food is storage food right? They’re all the same- right? Wrong! There are huge differences in the prepackaged, number 10 canned survival and storage foods out there. This week the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show sits down and talks with Jennifer Elswick of Thrive. Find out how you can have storage food without GMO’s, without MSG, without chemicals, and that looks like and tastes like the stuff that the label says is in the can! And it can even save you money vs. buying everyday food in from your grocery store. Learn how to save yourself and your family, while at the same time, saving money!

Jennifer Elswick

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Interview with CEO of Trek Light Gear, Seth Haber

Our friends from Blind Horse Knives interviewed the CEO of Trek Light Gear, Seth Haber. Seth’s company offers an awesome array of some of the most comfortable hammocks on the market! Trek Light Gear has fans all over the world! Listen in:


Concealed Carry Laws Reduce Crime, BHM

John Silveira with Backwoods Home Magazine, wrote a great article touching on effective conceal carry. Give it a listen!

Beyond Off-Grid’s Director Sean Tounn

Beyond Off Grid Film – Join Sean Tounn (Director) and Jason Matyas (Executive Producer) as they share their insights on their documentary/educational film Beyond Off Grid. The film takes you all over the country, onto the homesteads of some of the most innovative off grid living experts, and shows the public how they manage to be completely self-sustaining. Listen the show and learn how fragile our national infrastructure is, from our financial system, to our national food system, to the electrical grid, and how if you are not growing your own food, you may be one of the faceless victims in the coming catastrophe. Find out why it doesn’t matter how much gold you have, if you can’t grow your own food. Find out how we are no longer the most free country on earth. Find out how if you opt for convenience over the work it takes to be self-reliant, you will forever be a slave to the system. Find out the difference between perceived liberty and true liberty, and how this film can help you attain it.

Beyond Off Grid, Director Sean Toun

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