A Three Part Series: Rick Simpson and Medicinal Hemp Oil

Rick Simpson joins Sheri, “The Organic Pet Lady” on the Pet Prep Radio Show, for a fascinating hour to talk about the controversial, yet very important topic of Medicinal Hemp Oil, otherwise known as “RSO” or “Rick Simpson Oil” that is getting a lot of attention these days worldwide.

Rick Simpson discovered that the Hemp Essential Oil that he learned how to make healed him from a serious health problem.  He shared this oil with many people and pets with cancer and many health issues and most continue to be healed. Rick joins Sheri for a triad of conversations that you will not want to miss.

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And Remember, “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”…Sheri The Organic Pet Lady

Pet Prep Radio, Host Sheri

Safety While Shopping

With black Friday and the Christmas shopping season coming up I thought I would take some time to discuss how to stay safe while out shopping. In this episode of Keeping It Real: Urban Survival for the Real World I discuss vehicle safety, personal safety and ways to protect your identity. There can be a lot of distractions while you’re out shopping during this time of year which is what makes it perfect for those with ill intent, so it is best to take whatever precautions you can to safeguard yourself from theft or a violent attack. Just a few simple things can go a long way in your plan for personal protection.

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Long-Awaited Sequel to Flotilla, Iron Mountain

Author Daniel Haight returns to Media Prepper to discuss the launch of his new novel, Iron Mountain, the long-awaited sequel to Flotilla.

The book launch is scheduled for November 29th, (better known as Black Friday) so be sure to visit his website for details!

In the Media Prepper Media Moment, host Carolyn Evans-Dean gets real about buying real estate.

Daniel Haight’s Website 

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Prep & Pantry Preparedness App

Doug Turner has created the first Pantry Inventory program for both Apple and Android applications.

During the Android version’s introductory or trial period, it can be downloaded from Google Play as a free download with almost most every feature available in the free ‘Lite’ version.

Currently, the Android version is discounted 50% (to half the regular $8 price) as introductory price for a limited time while additional features are being completed.

The links for Android and IOS versions are on the main page at PrepAndPantry.com, as well as the link to the company Facebook page. Doug has his personal contact form on the main page for those seeking help.  Additional information is centralized through the website.

James Talmage Stevens, Author of Making the Best of Basics Family Preparedness Handbook

Pain, an Inevitable Problem

What’s the single greatest medical concern at TEOTWAWKI?  Simply put, it’s pain.

What do you do when the clinics are closed and you have a killer toothache?   How can you soothe your child’s throbbing earache?  Can you help a person in the throes of a heart attack?  How about ulcer pain?  Or a kidney stone?  Or a slipped disc?

Join Dr. Koelker as she discusses an Approach to Pain, from her book, Armageddon Medicine.

Armageddon Medicine with Doc Cindy teaches you how to be your own doctor when there’s no other choice.  Drawing from decades of experience as a family physician, Dr. Koelker empowers you to care for your loved ones and yourself under adverse conditions of any sort.  Learn life-saving skills and information to help you thrive should the lights go out for 30 hours, 30 days, or 30 years.   In addition to her book, Armageddon Medicine and teaching Survival Medicine Workshops across the Country, she also serves as Medical Editor for SurvivalBlog.com.

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Simply Canning with Sharon Peterson and Wardeh Harmon

In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, you’ll meet Sharon Peterson, a frugal mom and wife who says, “food finds its way into jars in my kitchen”! In this podcast, we’re talking about mostly about canning but we find our way into family work ethics, our mutual love of jars, and out-of-the-ordinary pantry setups. I also picked her brain about canning meat, as she’s an expert at putting up what her husband and sons bring home (they love to hunt). Sharon is warm and fun and we had a great visit. Please join us! Plus… the tip of the week — how to get a perfectly moist turkey every time!

Visit the show notes for links and more: http://KnowYourFoodPodcast.com/52

Know Your Food, Sharon Peterson


Building Up Your Community’s Civil Defense

What is “Civil Defense” and why should you be involved?  Since the Cavalry is NOT coming in a major nation-wide disaster, if you believe that individuals should be self-sufficient, shouldn’t your town or community be self-sufficient too? Find out why towns need to be prepared to be able to provide their own food, water, security, sanitation and medical, in the case of a nation-wide disaster such as an EMP attack. Find out the best resources for EMP information. And why does Al Qaeda need to own cargo ships anyway?

Find out how you can create your own Community Emergency Response Team, that your local government can’t object to, because it is sanctioned under FEMA!

Listen to Michael Mabee, author of Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show.

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Natural Pet Flea Treatment and Nutrition

This week, we explore FLEAS Naturally and Nutrition—I share tips on how to deal with Fleas naturally and other options that are affordable and possibly some you don’t know about! This is one show you MUST hear! I learned so much getting ready for this one and you will too!

Listen to Pet Prep Radio Show with Sheri The Organic Pet Lady, new Shows each Friday. Keep the link to access the show for anytime listening! Available on iTunes through Preparedness Radio™!

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Is Joining A Prepper Group for Me?

Is a Prepper Group for Me? What are the pros and cons to belonging to a group? How do I find or start a group? Is a group for everyone? Mark and Joyce discuss these questions and more on today’s show.

Mark A. Smith is  an author, speaker, and lecturer. He’s worked for decades in the fields of safety, security, firefighting, emergency medical care, and hazardous materials handling. Mark has been a preparedness consultant since 2001 and is the owner of Southern Plains Consulting, an Oklahoma-based preparedness firm. He lives on a working farm and participates in cattle handling and care, as well as crop preparation and harvesting. Visit Mark’s website: SouthernPlainsConsulting.com

Mark brings these experiences in preparedness to his  latest book, Preparedness:  The Basics and Beyond.

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