Alan Madison, Executive Producer of Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers

Exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’ Executive Producer Alan Madison!

Listen to Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show’s exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’  (and Doomsday Castle’s) Executive Producer Alan Madison!   Listen to Alan as he talks about the inside stories of preppers and their preps from his experience producing three seasons and 48 episodes of Doomsday Preppers,  featuring over 100 preppers in 40 states.  Find out why he thinks the TV series has been so successful and why so many “non-preppers” are tuning in to find out how to become preppers. Listen to hear about some of his favorite preppers, preps,  stories, and preparedness tips, and what he is doing to be more prepared as a result.

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Building Up Your Community’s Civil Defense

What is “Civil Defense” and why should you be involved?  Since the Cavalry is NOT coming in a major nation-wide disaster, if you believe that individuals should be self-sufficient, shouldn’t your town or community be self-sufficient too? Find out why towns need to be prepared to be able to provide their own food, water, security, sanitation and medical, in the case of a nation-wide disaster such as an EMP attack. Find out the best resources for EMP information. And why does Al Qaeda need to own cargo ships anyway?

Find out how you can create your own Community Emergency Response Team, that your local government can’t object to, because it is sanctioned under FEMA!

Listen to Michael Mabee, author of Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show.

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Media Prepper Interviews Michael Sattler of Survival Key

How do you know that the emergency preparedness information that you find on the internet is reliable, current and valid? Michael Sattler visits Media Prepper to discuss the Survival Key software that his team developed and the many ways in which it can help families to prepare.

In the Media Prepper Media Moment, host Carolyn Evans-Dean encourages listeners to print for posterity.

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Carolyn Evans-Dean, Survival Key

Interview with Author Scott B. Williams

James Talmage Stevens interview Scott B. Williams

Doctor Prepper™ (James Talmage Stevens) talks with Scott B. Williams, author of 7 nonfiction books, has written 2 fiction books dealing with the effects of an EMP in the lives of groups of characters. As opposed to writing instruction books thinly veiled as fiction, Scott writes about the individuals implementing their skills and abilities to resolve the situations in which they are thrust by to regain their relationships and their normalcy.

Could a solar flare really have such devastating effects as those described in both these stories?

The Pulse is essentially the story of a father’s quest to find his way back to his daughter, and a total immersion into the harsh new reality for three young college students who end up in a labyrinth of rivers and swamps north of the city.

The plot of “The Darkness After” starts out with a massive solar flare that fries all electric and electronic devices, essentially eliminating almost all devices used in our society. Stranded in New Orleans, 16-year-old Mitch has to get from the city to backwoods Mississippi, using the skills he has learned from his father, a game warden. He starts on foot to make his way back to the family farm. Along the way, he meets April, a beautiful girl, smart, lethal and alone. The two combine their efforts to reunite with their families.

Williams utilizes proven survival techniques and shows how they could be a part of solving problems in this fictional EMP situation.


SurvivalBlog’s James Wesley Rawles Talks with Rick Austin

James Wesley, Rawles author of the famous prepper novel Patriots and editor of talks about the three most likely disasters to face America, relocating to lightly-populated regions, why he writes novels instead of survival manuals, the power grids and what would life be like without them, the highest priority for family preparedness, why it is important to have food storage and a garden for self-sufficiency, what we need to have on hand for family sanitation, what is well-balanced preparedness, whether the threats of EMP and solar flares are exaggerated by the media and what are some the things that are most often overlooked by preppers. And hear about his new book Expatriates- and how it is different from any book he has written before.

James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog

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Rick Austin Interviews Producer and Director Rob Underhill

This week we talk with Rob Underhill, the producer and director of the film the Carrington Event, dealing with a family that has to survive the aftermath of a solar flare which takes down the country’s power grid where everyone immediately loses power, the internet, and all electronic devices. The show illustrates how quickly civilized society unravels, and what this, or any family must do to survive. Listen and learn about solar flares, electro-magnetic pulse, how fragile our electric grid actually is, and the “Shield Act” legislation, that would protect our grid, which congress has still not passed. Learn the skills needed to protect your family and to survive a catastrophic power outage that could last for years. Watch the Trailer HERE.

The Carrington Event, Producer & Director Rob Underhill

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