Video: Endless Hot Water without Electricity

The aim of pursuing a self-reliant lifestyle is to incorporate the richness of our natural world into the joys of living…even in our modern age. Comforts of technology should be had in moderation…and in near-zero temperatures, moderation should be had in quantities, as in available hot water off-grid style.

Engineer775 shows us how this can be done à la thermosiphoning technique:

I found this Daily DIY at the Engineer775 Channel.

Rock Flame Bowl

“You’re a pyro at heart.”

My mother recently pulled the grandma card on me after I scolded my son Joshua for playing with fire. She vividly recounted how I “almost burned down the garage and the neighbor’s house” at the very same age as Joshua. She’s right; things could have quickly turned upside down…but thank heaven that I’ve survived & harnessed my fun with flames.

This Rock Flame Bowl is perfect for that cozy get together with friends and family, or an evening all alone sipping cocoa.

I found this Daily DIY at Bold • Beautiful • Brainy, A Life Well Lived.

Zip-Tie Bike Tire Studs

I’m handy & have done some pretty cool things with zip ties, but let’s focus on their application in non-human restraint situations…such as not eating the black ice on the asphalt while riding your bike.

So, in the interest of the hardcore DIYers, check this one out & give it a try:

How well do you think this will work?

How well do you think this will work?

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Winter Ear Muffs

My daughters are always looking for things to do with Dad…so I asked Google how to become a super-daddy and do something cute that these little princesses would thoroughly enjoy. Well, here’s what I found & what we’ll be making tonight: Ear Muffs

  1. My wife’s got all the supplies in her crafty stuff;
  2. We don’t have to wait an hour for anything to “set”;
  3. It’s functional & sure to make them smile while spending time together.

Easy DIY Ear Muffs

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