Becoming An Active Prepper, A Conversation with Tara Dodrill

Tara Dodrill, a preparedness, off-grid, and sustainable living writer, was the guest of honor on the Doctor Prepper CPR Talk Show. Her current preparedness writing and blogging interests include Off The Grid News, Prepper and Shooter Magazine, eFoodsDirect, CommonSense Prepping, and her weekly radio show on the Prepper Broadcasting Network.

She has a refined talent for distilling information into straightforward and interesting conversation—and her experience in communication is certainly a honed skill. She’s short of sassy, but she’s point on with her explications. You won’t find many people with her insight in the preparedness industry.

Tara is a Libertarian gal currently living in rural southern Ohio with her family and a growing group of rescued shelled, furry, and feathered critters.

The discussions with Tara are worth the time! Download the show to your iPod, iPad, tablet, cellphone, Android, or computer and listen to her comments—they’re unabashedly honest and forthright! Email Tara at (no spaces) Tara Dodrill [at] gmail [dot] com.


Alan Madison, Executive Producer of Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers

Exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’ Executive Producer Alan Madison!

Listen to Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show’s exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’  (and Doomsday Castle’s) Executive Producer Alan Madison!   Listen to Alan as he talks about the inside stories of preppers and their preps from his experience producing three seasons and 48 episodes of Doomsday Preppers,  featuring over 100 preppers in 40 states.  Find out why he thinks the TV series has been so successful and why so many “non-preppers” are tuning in to find out how to become preppers. Listen to hear about some of his favorite preppers, preps,  stories, and preparedness tips, and what he is doing to be more prepared as a result.

Visit Rick Austin’s Secrets of a Survivalist Archives & for more exclusive interviews!

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Building Up Your Community’s Civil Defense

What is “Civil Defense” and why should you be involved?  Since the Cavalry is NOT coming in a major nation-wide disaster, if you believe that individuals should be self-sufficient, shouldn’t your town or community be self-sufficient too? Find out why towns need to be prepared to be able to provide their own food, water, security, sanitation and medical, in the case of a nation-wide disaster such as an EMP attack. Find out the best resources for EMP information. And why does Al Qaeda need to own cargo ships anyway?

Find out how you can create your own Community Emergency Response Team, that your local government can’t object to, because it is sanctioned under FEMA!

Listen to Michael Mabee, author of Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show.

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Media Prepper Interviews Michael Sattler of Survival Key

How do you know that the emergency preparedness information that you find on the internet is reliable, current and valid? Michael Sattler visits Media Prepper to discuss the Survival Key software that his team developed and the many ways in which it can help families to prepare.

In the Media Prepper Media Moment, host Carolyn Evans-Dean encourages listeners to print for posterity.

The Survival Key website

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Carolyn Evans-Dean, Survival Key

Survival Key Interview

Survival Key
Today’s interview explored the latest aggregation of preparedness and survival information ever assembled in one easily accessible computer file!

The SurvivalKey, developed by Michael Sattler (Founder & CEO) and Mike McCauseland (COO) and their staff, has access to more than 28 gb of critical information and organizes it neatly into visual categories and sub-categories, enabling the user to easily scan the resources available and quickly find what’s wanted.

Although Mike is the Founder and CEO of the company, you won’t find “CEO” on his business card – just the words “The Waterboy,” evidencing his deep beliefs and dedication to family and the improvement of the human condition. With over 25 years of experience as a visionary “pick-up-your-bootstraps-entrepreneur,” he brings a lot of strategic planning, business development, and leadership skills to the table. From internet marketing to data communication businesses, he has launched or helped with the startup of over 17 companies

Mike has negotiated international joint ventures with emerging, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies like Remco Industries International, Kroll, AT&T, Verizon Business, Debix, American Express, Dun & Bradstreet,, MCI, Cisco, and Citi Bank. Several of these businesses are highlighted below. His most recent startup was 3Seventy (early 2009), a leading provider of mobile customer relationship management (MCRM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Its award-winning solutions allow clients to interact with their consumers by mobile channel of choice within one easy-to-use platform. With an advanced portal, mobile campaigns can be quickly designed, customized, and changed with an effectiveness that can be instantly measured with detailed, real-time reporting. It engages customers with current product info, coupons, sweepstakes, reward programs, and surveys with a two-way interactive dialog MCRM platform. CSIdentity (now called CSID) helps organizations to more efficiently offer services such as credit monitoring, proactive internet surveillance, and ongoing alerts and reports regarding an individual’s personal information. This proprietary technology proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information and compromised confidential data without regard for nationality or location. At its inception, CSID was the most comprehensive identity information monitoring system available on the market.

RiskWise is comprehensive real-time data warehouse containing information available from thousands of sources. It provides consumer-facing businesses with a powerful suite of advanced predictive analytics, lead quality scoring, audience targeting, and risk management solutions that enable interactive marketers across various industries to find and acquire their next best customer.

Mike McCausland was licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to operate and manage commercial nuclear power plants, Michael forged out to form an independent consulting company in 1985. Since that time, he has provided support services to more than 50% of the operating nuclear power plants in the United States.

He specializes in large-scale culture transformation, strategy development, business planning, and organizational structure and process. He has a book about the process and shares it with Michael was one of the co-founders of the Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG) based in Colorado Springs CO the day before 9/11 on September 10, 2001. Their intent was to bring proven business practices to the humanitarian arena. Since its inception, HISG has operated in over 130 countries and provided millions in aid and development. HISG facilitated the development of the International Disaster Response Network that now operates in over 35 countries with 5,500+ badged members and 250+ private sector based Local Coordination Centers. In the last few years, IDRN members worldwide have provided over $150 million in goods and services.

In 2004, Michael was asked to coordinate and bring the Private Sector to the table for the largest disaster response exercise in the US called the Top Officials (TOPOFF) Exercise. TOPOFF is part of the “National Level Exercise Program” (NLEP) and exercises practitioners from the first responder to the President along with Federal, State, Local, and International participation. His team helped develop the training scenario, training aides, player handbooks, and responder guides, as well as manage private sector integration during the exercise. The goal of the exercise is to help the private sector prepare for response to major events like terrorist attacks, earthquakes, pandemics, critical infrastructure grid failures, and other disaster scenarios.

The Top Officials training exercise is conducted every 2 years and Michael continues to provide input to the exercise team. He now serves as the Chief Operating Officer of, bringing key relationships and experience that go way beyond the everyday survival skills.

Michael lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Chris and their five children.

The information is searchable by keyword as well, allowing easy location of information on any topic almost instantly!

The SURVIVALKEY is a groundbreaking application solution that guarantees the most essential and critical survival, disaster, and preparedness information ever assembled in one location! Thousands of books, articles and websites are presented in an easy-to-use format to assure the user what is steps are needed to prepare.

The SURVIVALKEY app is installable on up to 3 devices for easy access. The app is designed to be downloaded onto a USB key, providing the ability to access the data from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. An emergency situation is no time to begin sifting through millions of links online–– if there’s even internet access. This huge source of meaningful preparedness and survival informational resource is quickly accessed, providing actionable information that allows the user to know what is immediately needed.

All Things Cars with Jim Phillips & Kent Scott

Jim Phillips All Things Cars

What types of vehicles would provide reliable transportation when it’s time to get out of Dodge?  How do you find them?  What features should you look for?  What modifications would be needed?

Once you are on the move, how do you keep going when the going gets tough?  What are things you want to carry with you?  On road or off road, getting stuck cannot be an option, but how do you prevent it from happening.  When it does, how do you get out? If you ever need to evacuate, you will definitely want to be prepared ahead of time with the right vehicle, tools, supplies and experience.

Kent Scott is a long time friend and associate who has a very diverse background in science and technology, plus a understanding of how and why things work. He is a consultant that has developed many unusual solutions to a wide variety of issues.  He has an eye towards and experience in self-reliance, that is, find a way to fix it, build it, replace it, turn up a substitute or learn how to do fine without it.  In short he is a creative innovator of solutions that are “outside of the box”.

Tony Talks Energy with Steven Harris

Tony Tangalos's Prepper Patch Radio Show on Preparedness Radio™Steven Harris is an energy guru, he’s an expert on all things energy and he’s been the #1 guest speaker on the survival podcast with Jack Spirko and he has an entire family of preparedness websites dedicated to giving you free information on how to help you in a disaster, both with regular preparedness as well as ANYTHING you could think of regarding energy and preparedness. Steven knows the Phoenix Valley very well because he was here every August for 10 years when he was a research and development engineering for Chrysler Corporation. Steven has been actively involved in preparedness since 1993.

SurvivalBlog’s James Wesley Rawles Talks with Rick Austin

James Wesley, Rawles author of the famous prepper novel Patriots and editor of talks about the three most likely disasters to face America, relocating to lightly-populated regions, why he writes novels instead of survival manuals, the power grids and what would life be like without them, the highest priority for family preparedness, why it is important to have food storage and a garden for self-sufficiency, what we need to have on hand for family sanitation, what is well-balanced preparedness, whether the threats of EMP and solar flares are exaggerated by the media and what are some the things that are most often overlooked by preppers. And hear about his new book Expatriates- and how it is different from any book he has written before.

James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog

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Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers talks with Rick Austin

This week learn from Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers- Scott is The Nat Geo Doomsday Preppers consultant, that rates the preps featured in each episode of Doomsday Preppers. He is also an engineering genius and consultant that creates all kinds of gadgets and solutions for those of us that are homesteading and prepping. Listen to this show and learn why his engineering skills are in such demand for people who are building prepper retreats and homesteads. Find out the ins and outs of: Water delivery systems; Ram Pumps, Solar Submersible and Surface pumps, River Pump, Spiral, Simple Pump hand pumps, filtration. Energy Alternatives: Hybrid Battery Backup systems that include, solar, generators, hydro, wind. And Sustainable Retreat System Design: Hot water, Heating ( Wood stoves – including outside wood heaters), cooking, canning, Sanitation, Food, Medical, Security, etc.

Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers

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