The Politics of Food

Pantry Paratus Radio talks with author and entrepreneur David Gumpert about Food Rights and his role in moderating the upcoming Joe vs. Joel debate. Join us to discuss supply, demand, and politics of food.

Formerly the small business editor for the Harvard Business Review and later the senior editor for Inc., Magazine. David knows how the biz works. The trouble is that food is now big business in America, actually one of the few industries we still have left. Couple that with the fact that America’s soils are (still) rich enough to produce commodity crops by the megaton and you have an emerging narrative rife with political funding, corporate cronyism and literally the power of life and death—perhaps food should be tucked away with the other unmentionables like politics and religion. With a B.A. from the University of Chicago and an advanced degree in Journalism from Columbia, I hope that you enjoy our chat about food rights with the designated moderator for the Joe vs. Joel debate, the one and only David Gumpert.


David Gumpert on Pantry Paratus Radio