Tactical Training for the Self-Reliant

Jeff Smith of Desert Ops Training & Tony discuss how critical it is for preppers to engage in self-reliance and tactical training.  Buying prep items is only part of the solution.   Buying preps without using them and thinking you are prepared is like thinking you can defend your family if you buy a gun but never practice shooting it.  Jeff describes the take-a-ways students receive from many of his most popular courses offered by his school, Desert Ops Training including Bug Out Bags, Traps & Snares, Land Navigation, etc.  Jeff & Tony also discuss the upcoming The Prepper Games competition they are planning in the summer of 2014.

Visit DesertOpsTraining.com.


Economic Collapse in Cuba a Foreshadowing for USA?

Marjory summarizes numerous interviews of Cuban citizens who experienced a total economic collapse and faced starvation after the fall of the Soviet Union.  The social order reversed, where farmers and gardeners became more important than lawyers and doctors as all citizens scrambled to grow food to replace imports that stopped.  Listen for keys to how Cuban’s survived as guidance for how American’s should look to prepare for when the Yankee dollar goes through its collapse.  Great opportunity to learn from Cuban suffering to anticipate and minimize our own challenges from future U.S. economic collapse.


A Visit with Doctor Prepper, James Talmage Stevens

Tony and guest Doctor Prepper A.K.A. James Talmage Stevens talk about the PreparednessRadioNetwork.com, which has thousands of self-reliance radio shows available for FREE download.  A companion website is PreparednessRadio.com which is a temporary site with many prepper radio shows available for download.  Presently, all of The Prepper Patch radio shows are fully listed and available for download on the PreparednessRadio.com website.  These are great sites for preppers to go and download radio shows that suit their interests when they have the time to do so.  Tony and James also discussed how they are co-promoting James’s book Making the Best of the Basics, the Family Preparedness Handbook at PrepperFest AZ Expo in March, 2014.  Attendees can present their ticket stubs at Doctor Preppers booth and receive up to $20 off of the cost of the $40 book.  James will also autograph his book at no extra charge.

Lance Baker, Survivalist Expo Promoter

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Tony interviews Lance Baker of the Survivalist Expo. In this episode, they discuss:

  1. Lance Baker & the Monsanto March
  2. Monsanto & the Critical Aspect of Teamwork In Order to Succeed
  3. Current Shutdown & Debt Ceiling Vote



Tony Talks Energy with Steven Harris

Tony Tangalos's Prepper Patch Radio Show on Preparedness Radio™Steven Harris is an energy guru, he’s an expert on all things energy and he’s been the #1 guest speaker on the survival podcast with Jack Spirko and he has an entire family of preparedness websites dedicated to giving you free information on how to help you in a disaster, both with regular preparedness as well as ANYTHING you could think of regarding energy and preparedness. Steven knows the Phoenix Valley very well because he was here every August for 10 years when he was a research and development engineering for Chrysler Corporation. Steven has been actively involved in preparedness since 1993.



Tony Tangalos & the Valley Permaculture Alliance

Tony Tangalos's Prepper Patch Radio Show on Preparedness Radio™Tony talks with Jay Hedley of Valley Permaculture Alliance.

Topic: Overview of VPA Courses, Tour de Coops, Mesquite Bean Milling

Website: TourDeCoops.vpaaz.org


Dangers of Eating GMO Foods

Tony Tangalos's Prepper Patch Radio Show on Preparedness Radio™


  • Rachel and Tony speak about the lethal danger of eating foods prepared with GMO crops;
  • How Monsanto and the U.S. Govt have gone to extreme measures to thwart labeling of GMO foods;
  • How they falsely accuse those that are pushing GMO labeling as Eco-terrorists;
  • Rachel offers great tips on how to avoid GMO foods and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Website: GMOFreeAZ.org