Alan Madison, Executive Producer of Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers

Exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’ Executive Producer Alan Madison!

Listen to Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show’s exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’  (and Doomsday Castle’s) Executive Producer Alan Madison!   Listen to Alan as he talks about the inside stories of preppers and their preps from his experience producing three seasons and 48 episodes of Doomsday Preppers,  featuring over 100 preppers in 40 states.  Find out why he thinks the TV series has been so successful and why so many “non-preppers” are tuning in to find out how to become preppers. Listen to hear about some of his favorite preppers, preps,  stories, and preparedness tips, and what he is doing to be more prepared as a result.

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Harden Your Home Against Crime, Part 3

This is the 3rd segment in a series in which we give usable, reliable and affordable concepts and techniques on how to prevent from being victimized by a criminal attack by harden your home against crime. This segment focuses in on the final ring of security known as the interior security ring and developing your “Emergency Actions Plan” as your last ditched effort towards personal defense. So don’t miss this series.

American Defense Academy MattCanovi-Harden Your Home Against Crime

Harden Your Home Against Crime, Part 2

This is the 2nd segment in a series in which we give techniques on how to harden you home against theft and criminal assault. This show focuses in on simple, usable, reliable, low cost options to harden the doors and windows of your home. We’re moving into the fall and the Christmas holidays, when home break-ins and burglaries increase dramatically. Hardening your home against crime is truly the one gift that you can give yourself and your family this holiday season that keeps giving throughout the year. Don’t miss this series!

American Defense Academy MattCanovi-Harden Your Home Against Crime

6 Steps: Harden Your Vehicle Against Attack

Earlier this month a man was driving his family in their SUV, when they were attacked by a group of motorcyclist. The man tried to drive away from his attackers, but the motorcyclist pursued the SUV, stopped it and eventually beat the man so badly that he was hospitalized. Today’s show will provide you with the 6 steps to protect yourself and your family from an attack on your vehicle  whether  it’s by attacking thugs or a rioting mob whipped into a frenzy by a political and economic collapse of society as we know it.


American Defense Academy- Matt Canovi: 6 Steps Harden Vehicle Against Attack

Emergency and Alternate Transportation

Cars & trucks are the obvious place to begin along with knowing how to keep them going.  Keep in mind that “vehicles” are not just about evacuation, but they are tools to help you get work done, especially for moving things and people.

In this program, (a continuation of last week’s show) we explore some of the ways to be prepared to keep moving when the power has been off for a long period of time and fuel delivery has stopped.

However, it is also important to know your options, to have backup and contingency plans.  There are many things that could shut down you “car” either temporarily or permanently so having alternatives will be important.

Kent Scott is a long time friend and associate who has a very diverse background in science and technology, plus a understanding of how and why things work.

He is a consultant that has developed many unusual solutions to a wide variety of issues.  He has an eye towards and experience in self-reliance, that is, find a way to fix it, build it, replace it, turn up a substitute or learn how to do fine without it.  In short he is a creative innovator of solutions that are “outside of the box”.

Self Reliant Living Kent Scott

SurvivalBlog’s James Wesley Rawles Talks with Rick Austin

James Wesley, Rawles author of the famous prepper novel Patriots and editor of talks about the three most likely disasters to face America, relocating to lightly-populated regions, why he writes novels instead of survival manuals, the power grids and what would life be like without them, the highest priority for family preparedness, why it is important to have food storage and a garden for self-sufficiency, what we need to have on hand for family sanitation, what is well-balanced preparedness, whether the threats of EMP and solar flares are exaggerated by the media and what are some the things that are most often overlooked by preppers. And hear about his new book Expatriates- and how it is different from any book he has written before.

James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog

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Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers talks with Rick Austin

This week learn from Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers- Scott is The Nat Geo Doomsday Preppers consultant, that rates the preps featured in each episode of Doomsday Preppers. He is also an engineering genius and consultant that creates all kinds of gadgets and solutions for those of us that are homesteading and prepping. Listen to this show and learn why his engineering skills are in such demand for people who are building prepper retreats and homesteads. Find out the ins and outs of: Water delivery systems; Ram Pumps, Solar Submersible and Surface pumps, River Pump, Spiral, Simple Pump hand pumps, filtration. Energy Alternatives: Hybrid Battery Backup systems that include, solar, generators, hydro, wind. And Sustainable Retreat System Design: Hot water, Heating ( Wood stoves – including outside wood heaters), cooking, canning, Sanitation, Food, Medical, Security, etc.

Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers

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