Unveiling Book 7 in the 299 Days Prepper Novel Series!

Media Prepper listeners are in for a treat, as Glen Tate the Washington State-based author of the prepper novel series 299 Days returns to the show.  Book 7 in the saga is about to be unveiled for the holidays. Glen brings a unique view of a partial collapse to the masses.

In the Media Prepper Media Moment, host Carolyn Evans-Dean is kidding around.

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Interview with Author Sean Scott

Did you ever wish that there was a guide to help your family to navigate the aftermath of disaster? Author Sean Scott visits Media Prepper to introduce listeners to The Red Guide to Recovery: Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors.

In an extended Media Prepper Media Moment, host Carolyn Evans-Dean touts the benefits of learning with Youtube.

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Carolyn Evans-Dean, Guest Sean Scott