Plan, Organize, Build Your Mutual Assistance Group, Charley Hogwood

Want to know how to create a prepper group- and do it successfully?

Just what is a MAG (Mutual Assistance Group) anyway? What should you consider before you seek out potential prepping friends and where should you start looking?  How do you talk to people without sounding crazy and without giving away any secrets?   How prepared should a candidate be before you consider them for your group? How many people should a group have?  What are some ideas to help the group work together better and reduce conflict?  Should a group have regular meetings, and if so, what should you do at a meeting? And, should your group accept money from members, in place of participation?

Find out all this and more on this Secrets of a Survivalist radio show.  This week we talk with Charley Hogwood, Author of the book:  MAGS- The People Part of Prepping – How to Plan, Build, And Organize a Mutual Assistance Group in a Survival Situation.

Charley has many years of experience in the military as a Reconnaissance Scout and Infantry Squad Leader where his job was to train and lead people of various skill levels and personalities in a multitude of missions in the field. Charley holds 35 FEMA certifications and a certificate in Emergency Management. He took his passion of preparedness to work by creating Personal Readiness Education Programs where he trains people in the ways of survival and preparedness.

Want to know how to create a prepper group- and do it successfully?


Rick Austin Host ImageRick Austin, Host

Using sustainable living and home building practices for over 30 years, Rick Austin is a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert. Rick’s anecdotal presentations make him a sought-after presenter and speaker.
Secrets of a Survivalist gives you the best secrets from off-grid and survival experts, covering retreat construction, self-defense, growing food, and more!

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Her Own Untraditional Idaho, Tammy Trayer

Tammy Trayer, author of Mountain Woman Journals, is a freelance writer, an author, a radio show hostess, and a longtime web designer. She specializes in the outdoors environment, is an active entrepreneur, a true pioneer women, an avid hunter, an accomplished outdoorswoman, experienced homesteader, active homeschool mother and wife.

Tammy is a Christian, self-reliant Mom living off-grid and living untraditionally in Idaho with her husband and son. She and her husband Glen––whom she regards as her Mountain Man & the cowboy of her dreams––and family live untraditionally off-grid and enjoy educating their son on autism, gluten-free and dairy-free cooking, self-reliance, wilderness survival and so much more.

Tammy says she is living and enjoying her life and sharing it with others!  It can be sketchy being 100% off-grid. The entire family are “embracers” of the wilderness lifestyle, and have built their own log home of their dreams in the forest of the NW Idaho forests. They practice and enjoy the “less is more” lifestyle, and find the far woods and hills more rewarding than they ever imagined!

Even with the restrictions of being totally off-grid, Tammy is able to be a contributing writer for these magazines, chronicling her homesteading and pioneer lifestyle to help others achieve their independence from the urban environment:

Tammy’s accomplishments can be found online at these websites:

We had an outstanding trouble-free telephone connection during our interview—testimony to husband Glen’s prowess with equipment and tools.

Tammy admits they wouldn’t be where they are now if it were not for God’s hand in things. She says the family feels nudged by inspirational guidance to be able to:

  • Educate their son
  • Share their knowledge and lifestyle
  • Inspire others to be self-reliant

Tammy is indeed willing and eager to share her knowledge, skills, and talents about the family’s unconventional and non-traditional lifestyle. On the show, she discussed with Doctor Prepper her love of:

  • Writing
  • Her radio show
  • Family’s current YouTube series
  • Their MultiFlame Tools
  • Her frequent video chats

Hypothermia with Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy

Cold enough for you? Learn how to recognize and treat hypothermia, what to do when a boat capsizes, or when someone falls through the ice, as well as other kinds of injuries that can occur from exposure to cold like frostbite and trench foot.

Listen to Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy who are  medical preparedness experts, with the  #1 amazon bestseller in survival skills- “The Survival Medicine Handbook”  and find out about preps and how to treat medical issues caused by extreme cold.


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Welcoming a New Pet into the Home, Part 2: Paw Care, DIY Chew Toys

Part II of Welcoming a Pet into the Home for the Holidays airs for the 1st Show of 2014- Pet Prep Radio with Sheri “The Organic Pet Lady”, continues on with a show on preparing to bring a new pet into the home for the holidays, Paw Care and How to Make a Chew Toy!

The Paw Care segment includes a great recipe for Paw Wax to make for your dogs and cats-super for cold and hot weather-andf course, I offer easy directions for making your own safe chew toys for your fur-babies! If you don’t feel like making it, contact us to buy some from us for our fundraiser for Save The Kitties Cat Rescue.

We also cover housebreaking your new family member, whether it’s a puppy or a rescue grown up dog you are introducing to your family, I share some good, solid tips that are sure to work!

Also, enjoy our newest feature on Pet Prep Radio, music from some great unsigned bands-This week, once again, we welcome one of Cleveland’s own from the Metal Scene, the band, “Shades of Remembrance” and the song, DISARRAY, from their newest project, “VEIL”!

Join us each week on Pet Prep Radio with Sheri The Organic Pet Lady every Friday night at 12 MIDNITE (SATURDAY AM) Eastern/ 9pm Pacific! LIKE us on Facebook, SUBSCRIBE to us on YOUTUBE, FOLLOW us on TWITTER! If you are not into the social networking, please visit us at our website for great resources on rescues, rescue transportation and life saving tips for your pets!


9 Energy Saving Tips

My personal energy conservation plans involve:

  • Staying toasty in bed as long as possible before the chaos of our little ones is heard throughout the house,
  • Counting to 5 in slow deep breaths upon finding a debris pattern of my tools from unauthorized use, and
  • Taking a Power-Nap in the late afternoon on Christmas & New Year’s Eve so I can accompany my in-laws…they have a tradition of pulling all-nighters: the kids love it, my wife grew up doing this, and as long as I stay up with them past midnight, I remain within the “circle of trust”.

These tips are for your house & provide a great checklist on things you already might have done. You know, redundancy.

I found this Daily DIY at

Video: Endless Hot Water without Electricity

The aim of pursuing a self-reliant lifestyle is to incorporate the richness of our natural world into the joys of living…even in our modern age. Comforts of technology should be had in moderation…and in near-zero temperatures, moderation should be had in quantities, as in available hot water off-grid style.

Engineer775 shows us how this can be done à la thermosiphoning technique:

I found this Daily DIY at the Engineer775 Channel.

Rock Flame Bowl

“You’re a pyro at heart.”

My mother recently pulled the grandma card on me after I scolded my son Joshua for playing with fire. She vividly recounted how I “almost burned down the garage and the neighbor’s house” at the very same age as Joshua. She’s right; things could have quickly turned upside down…but thank heaven that I’ve survived & harnessed my fun with flames.

This Rock Flame Bowl is perfect for that cozy get together with friends and family, or an evening all alone sipping cocoa.

I found this Daily DIY at Bold • Beautiful • Brainy, A Life Well Lived.

Special Guest: Author and Consultant, Jim Cobb of SurvivalWeekly

Join the Hostess of Your Preparation Station, Donna Miller with her special guest Jim Cobb, author of “Prepper’s Home Defense” and “ The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness.”  We discuss the lone wolf syndrome, survival communities and how to reach family and friends who don’t see the need to prepare – and many more topics.

Be sure to do your recon and find out more about Jim at his websites:

Have a topic a guest or just something to share? Email Donna at:

This show is sponsored by Millers Grain House & PREPARE Magazine

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How to Smoke Meat (Audio Download) by Manny Edwards

Manny Edwards’ professional titles & experience can fill a bug-out bag…so let’s just agree that he’s a talented guy. With his permission, I’ve created an audio download of two of his great videos on ‘how to smoke meat’ from his YouTube channel SNO Multimedia. Manny has some exciting things coming up including a TV series chock full of survival tips.

Be sure to subscribe to his channel & check out his blog. View this article on his site How to Smoke Meat.

Video #1 Smoking Meat – Part 1

Survival News Online, Smoking Meat Part-1

Video #2 Smoking Meat Part 2 – Tasting the Homemade Bacon

Survival News Online, Smoking Meat- Part 2